Magnetic Levitation in the News

Magnetic levitation breakthrough unlocks gravity-free technology
OIST researchers create a levitating platform using magnetic levitation, promising ultra-sensitive future sensors. continued..
The world’s most advanced long-term artificial heart is on the cusp of implantation
Using magnetic levitation technology, the world's first long-term artificial heart won't wear out, age or break. It's small enough for ... continued..
Scientists show off gravity-defying breakthrough in magnetic levitation research
Researchers may have unlocked the potential for gravity-free technology. A new study published in Applied Physics Letters highlights how researchers have made huge breakthroughs in … The post ... continued..
Graphite platform levitates without power
Magnetic levitation is used to float everything from lightbulbs to trains, with varying levels of success, but usually it requires a power source. Now, scientists in Japan have developed a way to make ... continued..
Magnetic levitation: New material offers potential for unlocking gravity-free technology
The most common type of levitation occurs through magnetic fields. Objects such as superconductors or diamagnetic materials (materials repelled by a magnetic field) can be made to float above ... continued..
Bismuth is so strongly repelled from magnets, it levitates. How?
Magnetic levitation — bismuth's ability to seemingly float between two magnets — is perhaps one of the most interesting. The repulsion between bismuth and the magnets is so strong, it causes ... continued..
Researchers create stable superconductor enhanced by magnetism
An international team including researchers from the University of Würzburg has succeeded in creating a special state of superconductivity. This discovery could advance the development of quantum ... continued..
Startup co-founded by Romanian targets EUR 7 mln to advance hyperloop technology for high-speed transportation
Swisspod Technologies, a startup founded by Romanian Denis Tudor and Cyril Dénéréaz, announced a new round of EUR 200,000 on SeedBlink as part of a total funding round of EUR 7 million. The funds will ... continued..
Culture Kings Recalls Sneaker Basel Magnetic Levitation Displays Due to Laceration and Ingestion Hazards
Model CXF-24B, Stackable Magnetic Levitation Sneaker Display, has an uppercase I-shaped black frame. The displays have LED lighting and were sold with or without a remote control. continued..

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